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In a pan pour a drop of oil, add celery, carrot and onion cut into small pieces and sauté. Paste e patate alla Napoletana (pasta and potatoes Neapolitan-style) is a tasty and nutritious dish that most likely originated in the countryside around Naples. Add more water just enough to cover everything and from now keep stirring regularly until the pasta is cooked (otherwise it will attach on the bottom): indicatively 10-12 minutes. How to eat it like a Neapolitan: Pasta mista with beans or chickpeas, pasta mista with potatoes and provola, or pasta mista with pumpkin. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But in their restaurants, the Neapolitan version comes with a twist, buffalo mozzarella, of course – a trademark of the … Pasta-based meals are such a classic Italian comfort food, it would be a shame if you couldn’t enjoy them just because you’re living a paleo lifestyle.Thankfully, over the years, I have discovered plenty of creative ways to swap certain ingredients around to make these classic dishes more appropriate for paleo enthusiasts. “Pasta and potatoes” is one of the most traditional recipes in Naples, clearly it’s a dish of poor origins and, as all the recipes with poor origins which originated from necessity, it’s very tasty For sure originally it was made from leftovers of dried pasta, lardo/pork fat (back in time the extra virgin olive oil was mostly available for richer people), tomatoes and potatoes which every poor people had. Neapolitan Pasta Croquettes: Ciro Salvo's Recipe, How to Make Mashed Potatoes in Italian-Style, Coming soon to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami…, Authentic Italian Cooking since the 1920s, © Edizioni Condé Nast s.p.a. - Piazza Cadorna 5 - 20123 Milano cap.soc. Heat ( Log Out /  … Pasta: mixed pasta from Pastificio Gentile, Yes This is very interesting and unusual combination . It’s an extra option, but for me it’s already perfect like this. Pasta and potatoes is a classic dish in Naples, and in people’s homes, it’s served directly from a round grater to save time. Pour the extra virgin olive oil in a medium sized pot and add the finely sliced onion. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Let the potato versus rice versus pasta debate rage around you. Choices that you can still make today of course, especially the Pecorino if you want a more intense taste Moreover, some people like to add in the end also some scamorza or provolone, to have also a stringy effect. And someone prefer without any tomato. A cup of whole wheat has 180 calories; the same amount of white pasta is 240 calories. Traditionally in Naples pasta must be cooked "al dente", while soft pasta is not tolerated. Mix all the vegetables together and then pour 1-2 ladles of hot water, then add the Parmigiano Reggiano rinds, the sliced chili, the minced garlic and let it cook at medium heat for 10-15 minutes, then add also the triple tomato concentrate (or the tomatoes) diluted in a ladle of hot water, and some basil leaves. 20-30 g lardo (or pancetta or guanciale, a bit more in these cases) The mixture should remain quite thick, but add more water if it seems too thick. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Follow Polenta & Baccalá on In a large pot, preferably made of terracotta or enameled cast iron, sauté the chopped cured pork in the olive oil until the fat is translucent and the edges are just beginning to brown. Before sharing or using any contents in this blog it’s needed the authorization of this blog owners. Last thing: if you remove the lardo/pancetta the recipe is vegetarian and if you remove also the Parmigiano Reggiano rinds then it’s vegan too, but if you use them the recipe is better and much more tasty. Here’s the recipe for pasta and potatoes in a grater, or de ’a pasta e patate dint ’a rattacasa, as they say in the shadow of Vesuvius. PS: for an extra touch, a good idea is to add some Provolone in cubes (about 200g for 4 people) just at the end, you switch off the heat and you stir until melted (like in the first photo below). Add more water to the pot as you cook the pasta, if necessary. The use of Parmigiano Reggiano rinds is a relatively “modern” choice, back in time the easiest available choices in that area were probably the rinds of some aged caciocavallo or Pecorino. Cut onion, carrot and celery into small pieces. ( Log Out /  Change ). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Once cooked al dente, taste for salt and pepper, turn off and stir in the diced buffalo mozzarella with a little oil. Cut the onion and the celery into small pieces and add them to the oil too, and let them simmer at low heat until they are soft (10 minutes about). If you visit Naples in the winter, try pizza di scarola, also known as escarole … Whil… Add the diced potatoes, cover with plenty of hot water (or vegetable broth) and bring to the boil. This is how one of the partners of the Muu Muuzzarella restaurants, Salvatore Maresca, remembers it from when he was a boy. salt and pepper. Plus the “geniality” of making something very enjoyable from the poorest ingredients. The most popular variety of pasta, besides the classic spaghetti and linguine, are the paccheri and the ziti, long pipe-shaped pasta, broken by hand before … 360 g Antonio Amato Pasta Mista (Mixed Short cut pasta) 700 g potatoes. The potatoes become a cream that blankets the pasta with the provola as well as Parmesan and pecorino cheeses, and a hint of spice. First take a cocotte/high pot and heat a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, then cut the lardo into thin slices and then hit it multiple times with the blade of a thick knife until you obtain a cream, then add it to the hot oil and melt it at medium/low heat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. $25.95 Vitello Saltimbocca Sautéed in white wine, prosciutto and sage topped with fresh bocconcini served over sautéed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEEOPLE. onion. But in their restaurants, the Neapolitan version comes with a twist, buffalo mozzarella, of course – a trademark of the Muu Muuzzarella restaurants. Let rest for a few minutes and serve hot, with a little bit of freshly grated Parmigiano. It sounds like a very simple dish, but it’s creamy and incredibly good! 2 lb. Even today, in every respected Neapolitan trattoria, in addition to pasta and beans, pasta and potatoes is also served, usually in its white version, with spun curd provola cheese. I.V. Cook the … Tomatoes: someone prefer to use a couple of fresh tomatoes (especially in the good season), someone prefer the triple tomato concentrate. At Muu Muuzzarella, all the dishes have buffalo mozzarella DOP from the Campania region but combined with meat, fish, vegetables, and salumi in unusual combinations, such as mozzarella served with pesto and apples, tuna and mozzarella tartare with Sorrento lemons, or this version of pasta and potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. But the most popular dish at the tavern is definitely the pasta and potatoes with provola cheese. ( Log Out /  This chunky and slow-cooked broken pasta and potato soup is perfect for this crisp Autumn weather. Yummy Sweet Potato Noodles, A Paleo Alternative to Pasta. . Chilled and then reheated potatoes do pretty well, too—3.5 grams. 10 cherry tomatoes It is a comforting peasant dish called pasta e patate azzeccata. 3 oz medium-sized potatoes carrots. 2.700.000 euro Simmer, stirring and adding the simmering water as necessary; mixture should remain thick and stewy, never dry. Now, let’s start cooking! 7 oz fresh smoked buffalo mozzarella Next to it boil also some water (about 1 liter), we will need it later (or some vegetable broth if you have it). The industry of preserving tomatoes originated in 19th-century Naples, resulting in the export of the city’s famous “pelati” (peeled tomatoes) and the “concentrato” (tomato paste) to all parts of the world.. Cooks traditionally use various methods to prepare home-made tomato preserves which are either … Served with your choice of garlic mashed potatoes or penne pasta and fresh vegetables. Between 1700 and 1785, pasta became the rage in Italy, and the number of pasta shops in Naples alone increased from 60 to 280. Buon appetito! 70 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. $28.95 16 oz mixed durum wheat bronze-drawn pasta Pasta and potatoes is a classic dish in Naples, and in people’s homes, it’s served directly from a round grater to save time. In this carb-heavy entrée, different varieties of pasta are mixed together, a much-loved format in Naples. Milano n. 00834980153 società con socio unico, player/empty/article&npa=1||player/&npa=1, How to Make Lasagna: the 10 Most Common Mistakes. it’s not good”, so probably some of them could be shocked to the idea of pairing pasta and potatoes in the same recipe (“carbs with carbs, oh my God!“), especially according to some modern and trendy diets spreading on the web nowadays, but….yes it’s possible , As I repeated many times, we don’t have to eat something every day of the year but sometimes everything is ok, especially if we are always cooking with passion, with good ingredients and if we are looking for our “stomach happiness” every time we sit at the table and every time we look inside our dish  if then we also might want to have a look at some official statistics we can easily find out that Italy is still in the very top positions for the average life expectancy and for the healthiest people, so probably their diet it’s not so bad during all the 365 days of the year . Gnocchetti Sardi (Sardinian Gnocchi) It looks like a small, ridged shell that’s wrapped around itself, ready to welcome small pieces of vegetables and sauce. Add the potatoes and water, bring to a simmer, and cook until the potatoes are very tender, about 30 minutes. In a non-stick pan large enough to cook the pasta, cook some thinly sliced onions and diced pancetta over high heat, being careful not to burn them. You need to bring the water back to the boil before adding the pasta. It can be made with only pasta and potatoes or with the addition of Provola cheese. Method. Once the pancetta is crispy, add the potatoes drained from the water, the cherry tomatoes (whole, uncut), salt and pepper, and let it all cook together for about 5 minutes, stirring often. This particular cheese is the key element of a favorite Neapolitan recipe I learned to make during my nearly 3-year residency in the city of Naples. First peel the potatoes, dice them into regular cubes and soak them in a bowl covered with cold water. 1 onion Sauté these aromaticsknown in Italian as a soffrittountil the onion is quite soft and translucent. All the photos and texts in this website are property of Polenta & Baccalà blog and Grazmel Photography. 2 rinds of Parmigiano Reggiano. This is how one of the partners of the Muu Muuzzarella restaurants, Salvatore Maresca, remembers it from when he was a boy. ( Log Out /  100 g cherry tomatoes. Cover the potatoes with water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat to low, then cover and cook for 30 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked (they must not break apart, but be very soft). Le best pasta frittatas in Naples can be found in rotisserie, fry and pizzerias both in the classic version and in tasty variations. And if you would like you can use basil rather than parsley. Cook, stirring often, until the pasta is tender. Tomatoes entered Neapolitan cuisine during the 18th century.
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