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Hi - received a new SKX007 today, set the date, time etc and find it's running approx 7 seconds per minute fast. I would zap it with a demagnetiser first. My SEIKO runs too fast. If you look at the hairspring pic from Ebay the spring has a bend just before the regular arm. I'm still not convinced that those outer coils aren't stuck together. Seiko 5 - running fast. Ricardopalomino, I agree that 3 cups of coffee prior to hairspring work is excessive. Repairs, Replacements and Adjustments. Update:  I removed the back of the watch to inspect the movement more closely. marksx. I had the same problem with an old Seiko that I own. Also, the font is … It is probably magnetism but the issue will be if you open the back the warranty will be invalid. I saw the samething . Welcome to the new Seiko 5 Sports, a collection with all the same values but a fresh new look. On the same stem as the +\- lever is another adjustable lever which is probably in the wrong position. Thread starter Harvey Mintz; Start date Aug 19, 2004; Sidebar Forums. However, since I have upgraded to Windows 10 the fan has been constantly running at the highest speed as soon as I turn on my computer. Since there are weekly posts about this issue I thought I'd try to make finding the solution easier. The watch does have display-back, but I will remove the back to get a clear picture and post the pic to see what people think. In this watch it's incredibly easy to do that because this watch uses the Etachron system designed by the manufacturers for easy adjustment in manufacturing. Quote: I am not a watchmaker, so follow this advice purely at your own risk. Tourbillon; Member; 187 3,657 posts; IO91SP Awards. Where can I have my watch repaired? Magnetism can be a problem but on a modern watch it's less of a problem as the hairspring and balance wheel are supposed to be anti-magnetic. If they do then the hair spring does indeed need to be re-centred. well if its been worn all day then it should be fine...just thought I'd mention it. I am thinking the next logical (easiest) step would be to disengage the hairspring stud from the balance cock and slip the hairspring out of the regulator so I can see what the balance assembly looks like compared to a new one. I've noticed this Seiko is running very slow, despite the fact that I never take it off (automatic) except in the shower. I checked to see if the hairspring had jumped out from between the regulator pins (a result of bumping/jarring) as this was a known design problem on the 7S26B, but was supposedly corrected on the 7S26C - this appears to be in order. Horological Education. If after all that the problem does prove to be a distorted hair spring then manipulation is your only option; at least you don't have any sharp kinks or bends to re-shape. Original Poster. Search My Stuff. I made a note on my phone's calendar and in just 3 days it has lost 2 minutes. I ran into another post on another site where someone had the same question with this 7S26C movement. Please don’t do the same as one of my customers: He attempted to regulate his IWC Da Vinci … Just re-read my own post..... typo alert!! Seiko 5 - running fast. It doesn't involve opening the back and if it sorts it great, and if it doesn't take it back to the shop. Thread starter Phoenix_one; Start date Feb 5, 2012; Feb 5, 2012. Seiko 5 Running fast Hello :D I got my new seiko 5 sports (7s36b movement) in july last year, it was going well until about 2 months ago it started running fast , just instantly, not gradually, it just suddenly started going fast. Can anyone tell me what this lever is for and where it should be positioned? (It might just need regulating.) The other way to tell if the stud is in the wrong position is to rotate the regulator Pin into its open position and verify the hairspring is in the middle where it is supposed to be. Powered by Invision Community. Original Poster. I've seen this on the Chinese watches where they didn't clone the parts exactly right and they were somewhat free-floating. wow... looks magnetized but I would have thought it would be more like 6 minutes an hour! I'd like to continue the diagnosis while trying to minimize the chance for mishaps as I am new to hairspring work. Everything is supposed to stay physically locked in place but what if the stud rotated all by itself? What's New 3 12 24 72. Sports. Les reponses à vos questions se trouvent ici Comment choisir une montre GPS running. Looks to me like you have hair spring coils sticking together. If it were on my work bench then before I started any hair spring manipulation I would try one last diagnostic ploy. To get it freed up try this: Place the watch on your palm with the crystal down and slap the watch. Exceptionally fast is + seconds per hour. Any help greatly appreciated. Most likely cause is either magnetism or contamination. Come join the discussion about watch collections, displays, watch winders, accessories, classifieds, and more! I have a demagnetizer but haven't tried it on this watch, yet. Most cases are resolved very simply by fine-tuning the watch on the timegrapher. Has it taken a hard knock or bump recently? I can for certain see that 3 coils are definitely touching each other. Comment by fungusamongus on September 8, 2009 @ 1:10 am. It happened rather suddenly at the six month mark and has remained that way the last 3 months (hasn't improved or worsened). In other words can I safely order one of the pallet forks listed in your link and know it would fit my watch? After a couple of days I noticed it was running fast by approx 20 seconds per day. Once the power stops flickering (Rural New England during a snow storm) and I find a good way to fixture it, I will try a low temperature silver solder past. Had it for about a week and its still that fast with no signs of slowing down. You not only  have eliminate the parts you removed but might even see the fault starring at you, also wind through rachet wheel, that eliminates quite a bit for the least. A forum community dedicated to watch owners and enthusiasts. You may be able. If neither of these measures work (and you should persevere, don't give too easily) then it would suggest some mechanical damage must have occurred, deforming the hair spring, but this is highly unlikely if the watch has never been opened before. JavaScript is disabled. Depending on the watch and your location the cost runs somewhere between EUR 20 and 50. My question is - will it settle down - or should I send it back? Jun 7, 2002 536 15 18 South East Florida Country Region. Then do it two more times. ESL. If it is contaminated, I can't see oil or anything else on it. Take a look: I looked at the Seiko technical guide to see if this is normal or not, but the pictures in the guide are very grainy. Don't touch it until you are comfortable cleaning/lubricating a similar movement and getting it running as it should. Also, if they are stuck, then the shearing action caused by the vertical displacement of one coil relative to the next may help to overcome the adhesion, in which case you will see the coils separate with a ping. Are they prone to any problems or does it just need a service ? Then regulate again, watch it for another 2 hours and so on. Call Now: 1 (888) 807-0325. Stra - if you just bought the watch from an AD and it isn't running to spec (which 20s a day) then have them replace it. I've had another look, both studs look like they could be radially too far out in their location slots and pulling the spring over to that side. Discussion. I didn’t bother sending it to the watchmaker as 1) the watch is still ticking and 2) the repair bill will be a substantial percentage of what’s the watch is worth. Seiko 5 running fast. just demagnitized , cleaned the hair spring in the lighter fluid and relube the pivots and my watch runs very well..Sorry for the bad English guys . Reply Reply Author. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. wow... looks magnetized but I would have thought it would be more like 6 minutes an hour! My nine month old Seiko 5 with the 7S26 movement started gaining about 6 minutes per day when it was six months old. Thoughts? This may be due to either magnetization or dirt causing adhesion of loops of the hairspring. Just for a tease --- here is my supply of replacements. I tried closing programs in task manager however nothing seems to affect the fan speed. You can post in Sales Corner if your post count is 250 or more and you have been registered as a member for 180 days or more. Post Apr 30, 2005 #1 2005-04-30T10:05. hi. How to properly adjust speed of Seiko 5 auto? Why do anything else??? Robbie010 Originally posted by Fugit. This reduces the power sent to the balance, which reduces how far the balance swings, which makes it run faster. This shortens the rotation of the balance wheel and increases the beat rate extremely. La collection Seiko 5 est née dans les années 60 à partir d’une idée simple, qui lui a d’ailleurs inspiré son nom. If you have a simple demagnetiser, you may have to try it a couple of times to get the result you want. From the forums, it seems that Seiko 5s tend to run fast out of the box but I think this is way too much. It is still under warranty, but I am not sold on the idea of shipping it across the country to the Seiko warranty centre. My microscope is not accessible at the moment. I have demagnetized a watch successfully without removing it from the case, but my experience is limited and I don't know if that is always safe and effective. You can go to a watchmaker, he/she will regulate it for you. … 2,778. My nine month old Seiko 5 with the 7S26 movement started gaining about 6 minutes per day when it was six months old. Last week I purchased a brand new Seiko 5 'Military' automatic, model SNX807K. For instance, I’ve had one of my earlier Seiko 5 getting very inaccurate to the tune of +1min/day (partly my fault as I was using it for all sorts of outdoor activities…). I got the watch through ebay so returning it or getting it adjusted without paying a local jeweller was not an option. If they don't then my next step would be to lift the balance wheel up vertically above its pivot so that the hair spring forms a cone. SEIKO 5 runs way Fast and I fix it! Movies. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. Replica Seiko 5 (left) vs a real Seiko 5 for the Middle East export market (right) Above: Though hard to spot, the fake Seiko 5 (left) has the words "Automatic" and "21 Jewels" that are placed too close to the center of the watch dial. Shake the watch for a minute..maybe 2 mins would be better and then check on the timing machine again. Today I share the issue of magnetism on your mechanical watches. Thank you . Here are a couple of pics of the balance wheel after it was cleaned... Geo: what looked liked oil causing the the coils to stick together (at the 12:00 position) was a reflection from the edge of the balance cock casting. Good luck, A question of confidence - Newbie Breitling Service, How to properly shape chronograph center second. The only time this thing isn't moving is when I'm asleep, and I'm sure I toss and turn some. I read on here that it may be magnetized? My automatic watch is running very fast. My new Seiko 5 SNZE85K1 is running about 15 mins faster per day. I have included Timegrapher results below from when the watch was new and now. ;). Try to demagnetise ... you may need to do it a few times... read the instructions (for the demagnetiser). Tout réinitialiser. It may be an aberration of the photo, so ave a very close look. Television. I’ll show you how to get a great timepiece from my list of top 10 best Seiko watches for every budget and style you want based on my personal experience as well as the feedback from watch lovers on prestigious forums and communities. Don't go too far as you do not want to deform the spring (and if you're not comfortable with this then try instead turning the whole assembly over and let the balance wheel hang down suspended by the hair spring as if you were about to install it in the movement), and you should be able to see the individual coils separate in the vertical. Don't drink 3 cups of coffee and try it . Correcting this is one of the simplest tasks for a watch maker., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. a before and after shot of the movement may help determine any movement of the beat corrector / regulator. my seiko 5 keeps stopping. If no improvement I would imagine that something has happened to the balance, either the beat corrector or regulator has been moved, probably buy a drop or being slammed against a door. I have included Timegrapher results below from when the watch was new and now. As a newbie, I'm not sure how part/calibre references work so forgive me for this question if the answer is blindingly obvious to everyone else: Picture #6 shows the mechanism of a 7S26 movement, found in a Seiko 5. 64americandeluxe, By Robert Johnston 27 November 2015. With the balance cock upside down on the bench as you have it in your photo I would lift the balance wheel out of its pivot and move it horizontally towards the 8 o'clock position (in your pic) to see if those outer coils separate with a revised position for the balance axis (in other words try temporarily re-centring the coil by adjusting it's centre relative to the stud and curb pins). Try to demagnetise ... you may need to do it a few times... read the instructions (for the demagnetiser). Where can I have my old watch repaired? Discussion. that should read that once clean "the coils should free up and re-centre themselves". So there's a known issue with certain Seiko 5's running ridiculously fast. If that doesn't do it then clockboy's observation is the hairspring . Thoughts? I would use the warranty. i have a seiko automatic watch trouble is its keeps running fast about 5 minutes does any one how to fix this? It's a relatively common problem with the movements used in Seiko 5s and will cause it to run extremely fast like magnetization. We're talking in the neighbourhood of 10 seconds fast per minute. I'll post the pics in the coming days. I will clean the hairspring this weekend and see if that takes care of it. My other option is to take it to a trusted watchmaker in town and let him have a go at it, but I am keen to learn. Update #2:  So I just removed the balance cock from the movement. Is this normal or have I found the problem? But, it worked for me. Hi, Angelis, I've just posted a maybe long comment related to an automatic Seiko 5 which I've bought brand new from an authorized dealer in Europe. There are many things that can make a watch run fast, but the most common is a simple buildup of dirt in the pivots. If those outer coils are stubbornly glued together (by whatever agent) then the vertical separation won't be even. This has turned into a very educational thread. Thanks for everyone's input! He will have a device that listens to the tick-tock of your watch and tells him if it runs slow or fast, so he can regulate, test again and so on, till it is in the 20 sec mark per day. ESL 187 Posted May 19, 2008. Seiko 5 . If this is happening to your watch, don't worry, it's probably an easy fix. I gave my son a SEIKO SNK807K2 last year. I tried demagnetizing several times but this had no effect on the hairspring. If it's needle sways back and forth in sympathy with the ticking, it's likely that magnetism is the culprit. I worked up the nerve to try this after watching Marks video with good results , but I will agree with clockboy that you need a steady hand and fine good tweezers . May I doubt about speeding because of the over-charging, maybe rather because of the lubricating not yet having taken effect, I don't know. berchotto. Aug 19, 2004 #1 Jstroke - What you're describing is the regulator. I'd be tempted to take the winder module off too, to see the click, rachet and winding wheel. H. Harvey Mintz Registered User. The hairspring may also have got caught on a regulator pin. Style. Here is a guide to help keep your watch running and what to do if it starts losing time. Seiko diver running 5 to 10 mins slow a day You can view Sales Corner if your post count is 50 or more and you have been registered as a member for 60 days or more. NAWCC Life Member. The other problem with the Chinese watches is the glue holding the hairspring in place only can survive a limited number cleanings before it washes away. I've been on the forums and tried a lot of what has been recommended however nothing has … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. When I photographed the watch it had been worn all day, so I assume the power reserve was adequate. Marks videos explains this as does other Youtube videos from perplxr and others . We're talking minutes\hr. Home; Lifestyle. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I agree.. I thought I'd add some pics that may clarify the regulator pin adjustment and the reason for not turning in the wrong direction. What's New 3 12 24 72. Here's what it looks like: For comparison purposes, here's what a replacement balance wheel for my movement looks like (photos are from EBay ads): Is there anything else I might be overlooking? Its a process of elmination, next I guess is checking under dial. This would definitely cause an increase in rate. Where can I have my watch strap adjusted? October 5, 2015. Well You've gone this far , so the advice and concensus from the members is to clean , demagnitize , relube the pivots and try it . What can I do when my watch gains / loses too much time? If this fails then removal of the balance assembly for a quick dip in Onedip or lighter fluid to remove any contamination, and the coils should free up and decentred themselves. I will limit it to two cups today:)! For over 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has delivered consistently high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have endeared it to lovers of mechanical watches worldwide. What's gone wrong?, By I will try cleaning it on the weekend just to be sure. Or repair it, if you've bonded. Yes, you can call me 64. Magnetism: If a watch suddenly begins running extremely fast (20+ seconds per day to hours fast per day) it is usually an indication that the hairspring coils are magnetized, causing the coils to stick together. Bien évidemment il faut un affichage de l’heure, et un affichage de la date est souhaitable aussi. Awards. Seiko 5 running fast . If that happens, re-clean (again) and try again. I am still baffled by what could have caused the hairspring to do this in the first place and how it needs to be corrected. May 28, 2020 The 2020 Oscars and Watches. I agree with Marc, definitely looks like the coils are touching each other in the image above. Awards. Also a link to someone adjusting the system. Anxiously awaiting the results on this chapter! I timed it and it does 57 seconds on my phone stopwatch for what it thinks is a minute. croyde. Update #3:  Last night I cleaned the hairspring and demagnetized it (again) but it seems that the hairspring issue persists (not centred). The hairspring needs centering. Any advice? Une montre doit idéalement remplir 5 fonctions essentielles. I thought about shipping it to the one and only Seiko authorized service centre in Canada, but these reviews have me rethinking that option. It gained 6 hours in a day! What is perplexing me, is the hairspring seems to be favouring one side of the balance wheel as if it is off centre. To resolve that, the watch has to be taken apart, cleaned, reassembled and oiled. From the science behind a tachymeter and watch-wearing in … I agree that magnetism would have resulted in gaining more than the 6 minutes per day I am experiencing, but thought demagnetizing it was worth a try. Place a cheap Boy Scout (or similar) compass over the watch. The watch hasn't been dropped or bumped. It has a magnificent black sunburst dial that plays with the light like no other. I was no able to find a watch repair shop that will had a watchmaker to look at it. February 7, 2020 Profiles in Time: Adam Driver. What if the hairspring was bent at the stud? However, such a machine seems to be expected to be a heavy duty one, so taking stupid care on sharing the day in periods of keeping the watch at wrist and keeping it at rest after, and so on, as if the movements were not regulated in speed by the escapement, etc., is exceeding my power of understanding the concept of modern and accuratelly controlled time measuring machine . Thanks for looking that up. Please advise; thanks ! The problem with watches under warranty is they usually get unhappy if you take the watch out of the case. roger-m. 263. roger-m. 263. HectorLooi magnetism will usually get the watch running way fast...more like 6 mins fast over an hour. 2,778. berchotto. What to do when your Seiko is running exceptionally fast. NAWCC Member. Your problem is almost certainly a functional shortening of your hairspring. Giving Back Through Giving Time Auctions. Thread starter #1 P. Phoenix_one. If your watch is running too fast: lay the watch vertically with the crown up. I am aware of the delicacy required here. If you watch is still running fast or slow by a large margin the most likely cause is that the mainspring may have gotten itself caught. This should be done every 5-10 years. my seth thomas mantel clock has a balance wheel and is running fast it picks up about 30 minutes over night. You can find the Authorized Seiko Service Center in your area from Customer Service Center. I also searched online for a picture of the same movement but that was inconclusive. Reply Reply Author. Looking through the back I can't see any faults, but then agan, I don't have Mark's eyes. I think I might remove the case back and see if the hairspring is touching the regulator or hairspring stud. Montres chrono Fermer le menu des filtres. Is it possible it has become magnetized or is it more likely to be a mechanical problem? So while rereading the messages looking at the pictures it dawned on me what the problem may very likely be. Where can I obtain watch parts? i have an "83" seiko 5 with a 7009 movment.the watch will run for several hours then stop if you give it a little shake it will start up and run for several more hours. Would a pallet fork made for one member of this family (as listed on also be the same for another member of that family? Seiko’s newer line of Kinetic watches feature LiOn cell rechargeable power resources instead of the older capacitors. Asked by This is to keep the spring centred. Once you've regulated the watch, let it run for a period of say, 2 hours, and see how much fast or slow it runs, then mutiply the time by 12 to see how much the time will change over a day. The style is very reminiscent of the Seiko SARB033, or the SARB035 if you happen to like light dials – in which case you want to check out the Seiko SNKL41 (Amazon link, harder to get).. As yours was already adjusted I suspect all you have to do is just rotate the stud back to where it originally was and the hairspring will center itself. Filtres. The trace of the timing machine is all over the place... first thing to check is does the watch have a good power reserve? D’un point de vue physique, une bonne montre est étanche et a une bonne résistance aux chocs. Today, with the creation of a new design and a broad new collection, this much loved timepiece is re-born. I agree entirely with @jdm. Started Yesterday at 11:30 AM, Watch Repair Talk Search My Stuff. This is the best I could manage with the tools on hand but seems to show a cold joint. If you are looking for a high-quality watch in general or a Seiko watch in particular, this article is perfect for you. Thanks for your input everyone! i have checked this clock at least 20 or 30 times and cannot find anything where i can set the slow or fast there is no screw to turn or anything as i can see. I also notice that the hairspring giving issues seems to have a lot of extra past the end stud which will make it run fast if the overall length is to short. I've checked task manager and the CPU is very low, between 2 and 15%. Just moving this to give more length might resolve the centering issue. Started July 25, 2020, By I tried demagnetizing it (with the movement still in the case) and it didn't make a difference. Report; Share; Posted May 19, 2008 … First course of action for me would be to demagnetise the watch as this can be done without any disassembly. When the Kinetic watches are brought in for repair, the capacitor is normally replaced with the LiOn Cell. 17,357 posts. We welcome all manufacturers including Casio G-Shock, OMEGA, Rolex, Breitling, Rolex and Tudor, Seiko, Grand Seiko and others. Celebrities. Watch Repair. He loves it and NEVER takes it off. pushing it towards the "+" side will … What I will say this if not an easy task it needs a steady hand & most importantly very fine good quality tweezers. The choice has its history, the fact is I'm scared it runs as fast as roughly 25''/24h, from the very first day I have it; there were somewhere within this forum some oppinions stating the over-charging of the machine might have lead to fast running of the watch. Many thanks in advance. So to understand what were looking at I've attached a PDF extracted out of the Seiko document explaining Etachron. Do I have to remove the movement from the case to demagnetize it? It happened rather suddenly at the six month mark and has remained that way the last 3 months (hasn't improved or worsened). When I get asked “what is the best Seiko 5?”, my answer in invariably the SNKL45. So if you not concerned about the warranty removing the back and visually looking at the balance wheel and hairspring would be helpful. Hi Fungus, Give a few months for your new watch to break in. Where can I have my watch battery replaced? RB-H. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. If not I think Mark has a vid on this & there are several others on the same subject. Thanks . Travel . Montres chrono Tout réinitialiser; Affiner la sélection. Yesterday for some reason it started to run way fast. Having said that, I would have thought they would have been too tight in the slots to move accidentally. Anytime when your watch is running fast or slow, it is advisable to see a watchmaker and let them diagnose the cause for the inaccuracy. Look very carefully at the picture of the hairspring at about the twelve o'clock position and you'll see what appears to be oil contamination holding the could together. I am aware that it has an adjustment lever, but even at its' max slow (-) increment it is way too fast. Sign Up For Our Emails. I removed the clear back and adjusted the little -/+ arm. Watches.
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