buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced

I turned the car off and back on and was able to “limp” home. It has stalled on me a few times in traffic. I don’t trust my Chevy dealer whatsoever, so Ive been forced to take it to a very good mechanic. Just back from dealer they replaced the throttle positioning sensor free of charge on 152000 km van . !!!! I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 diesel. I’ve been reading multiple sites for a couple hours now and tons of people are reporting this problem and this is just ridiculous, people’s lives are at stake here. There should be a GM recall on this issue. I felt it was worth $5 which was better than what the dealership would charge me. Engine code was misfire. Very dangerous. But it was fixed . At first the problem presented itself while coming off highway ramps where the Gs would cause the lights and alarms to sound. DOC. Got into a head on collision on Christmas Eve. 4×4 Now have the car back and yesterday, light came on again at less than 500 miles, in 70 degree weather. Within a few weeks of that service the Stabilitrak service light came on. My 2010 GMC Truck has been doing this for sometime now. About 10 minutes later my stabilitrak / and traction control lights lit up the dash. Going to dealership on Friday. I own a 2007 Pontiac Torrent which I purchased new, the stabilitrac light would come on and go off at random since the first week of ownership. That bulletin is PIT5405C. When it occurs the vehicles shifts hard and the light goes off once i pick up speed. I have extended warranty on it I just got all these lights your talking about flashing abs, stabilize track, all wheel drive traction control. Dealer was and has been unresponsive to follow up calls for repair, and non-explanatory to risk, although they did make 1 unsuccessful attempt to fix when I drove there without shceduled appointment. I work extremely early in the am and when I turned on my car, it sounded like it didn’t want to turn on and the lights had issue turning on almost as if the battery was low. You are supposed to get a letter in the mail, but just take this info in, and get it done! I purchased this car to get me back and forth to work not sit at a dealer. I bought a 2009 chevrolet equinox Ls AWD at nissan. Shut the engine off this morning with all normal. we will see tomorrow. No more stabilitrak warning messages, No more engine reducing power at highway speed messages, No more pulling over at high speeds to shut the suv off and restart to temporarily reset the issue. It’s unfortunate to say the least. Tech comes out and runs diagnostics. Reduced engine power/Traction control light on 7 Answers. The stabilitrak, traction control, and ABS lights all came on sporadically. It was upfitted when I purchased it from the dealership and the dealer added an alarm, remote start, back up camera, power door locks and power windows. It will happen in extreme heat 90 plus or 30 and lower. tl* the contact owns a 2011 buick enclave. Called Onstar for on demand diagnostic and hoped to get some kind of help. Again, my stabilitrak light came on?? I took it back,,they replaced the steering wheel angle sensor and some wire harness adapter. Happens again while were in town do luckily we drive to gm with light on. Very dangerous as I stated. Took it to the dealership and they “say” they had to replace the whole engine. Thank you. Power went from 20 mph to stalling at first. We have 120k on the vehicle so no warranty. After moving from a complete stop, The truck makes a very hard shift into 2nd gear whlie the traction light is on. Didn’t think much of it and continued to drive the truck. My 2009 Chevy Avalanche began having the same Stabilitrak issues 3 weeks ago. I called the dealer and just so convenient for the factory warranty to have just ran out. On 12/2, my car is still at dealer and still waiting for a phone call from them. Just this past week had all lifters replaced and two days later, back to square one with all the prior issues. I will stay with my dodge thank you but stuck with a Buick as a door yard ornament car still has issues but we went there last time and the manager screamed at my wife she fell to her knees bawling would love to post there name but wont. I called GMC corporate office and they had it towed to one of their dealership for their mechanic to look at. 2012 GMC Acadia Denali, 94k miles. Have a 2103 Chevy Cruze and this same issue has been coming up the last few weeks. Weird thing, the car started and the lights went away after sitting all that time. Was sitting at stop light when suddenly I have a 2011 gmc Sierra recently i had a headlight burn out, so i replaced it, after i replaced the bulb both blinkers started to blink fast as if i need to change bulbs. What recourse do I have? Also there is a catch too, he said this can happen to newer car with a lot of miles (I have 59,000-all highway/weather), but not common. It could have caused a serious accident. Junk. I can;t have that happen when I am driving on the turnpike. 48000 miles (Engine light coming on, power reduced, traction control off) first time was in the freeway so that was super awesome! This issue has been on and off for over a year now. Needless to say, I’m scared to drive it until I know its been fixed. A few minutes later, ALL of the lighting including the interior and headlights shut down. On the morning of January 9,2015 driving during a snow storm on an interstate suddenly vehicle lost stabiltrab, traction control and engine power was … As for your comment # 303 Sean I immediately contacted by service manager at the car dealer where I purchased and explained what had just happened. 5.3l Very simple and cheap. is something I should be concearned with? Why the original dealership never mentioned that was mind-bending to me, but this dealership opened the investigation into proving there was an issue. The system operates if it senses that one or both of the front wheels are slipping or beginning to lose traction. Got it home and back in the garage. This message displays when the vehicle’s engine power is reduced. The newer cars don’t have throttle cables connected to the gas pedals. I also noticed that the power steering shuts off for couple of second while driving. I have a family of 6, and I can’t have these issues happen on a car I thought would be reliable. I also thought was just a cold weather problem as that is when it always seemed to happen. I still was not taking a chance. I will know more tomorrow after diagnostics complete – I have 2 Acadia’s and have had issues with both. He got upset and told me he know his job and he knows what he is doing and for me to cal him out on his job I had him messed up. I am in the truck now as I am typing this and have shut the traction control off and have been idling with no issues for an hour now but I am sure it will happen again. Low engine power, sometimes not wanting to start and sudden over heating only a few miles in. Category: General Motors, GM. This is the third time it has been to the dealership and the third time i have had to take time off work for a new truck? Then randomly started over heating again. I just about drove off the highway twice. It is only 5 years old too, so it’s like what could be the issue?!?! 4 door He felt that I should not spend a lot of money trying to fix this car because it is a computer glitch. I have a 2011 GMC Terrain. It completely died in March and wouldnt start. Lady in service dept called and said they were unable to duplicate problem. Waiting for results Stabilitrak/ABS was repaired with new rear speed sensor; reduced power with replaced throttle body. I brought my vehicle in over a year ago, when it was still on warranty, because the service stabilitrak, service traction control lights come on intermittently and because the car would sometimes not move when I stepped on the gas and then would jump forward. Now, the dealership is charging me $800!!!! She told me well hope that it happens while you are local and not on the interstate. what should I do? I have a 2010 Chevy 1500 4WD with the classic Stabilitrak error. I have had so many problems with this vehicle and it’s costing me thousands of dollars in repairs. Got a 2015 Chevy Silverado and my truck since about 6 months after getting it and several times in the shop am now being told that the power cables is the cause for the stabilitrak engaging while driving down the road causing the steering wheel to jerk the truck off the road as well as losing power at the same time and the stab assist light coming on. No errors or issues. After less than 60,000 miles our entire family was stranded in Pittsburgh for over a week on a trip home from Buffalo to Charlotte, NC because the transmission gave out on the highway. 2010 Chevy Traverse. I have taken excellent care of the car and do not travel much. Mechanics said they could find nothing wrong. They had my car for almost 3 weeks. I made an appointment right after for 12/1. There was a notice sent out in 2016 that there was a “factory recall” (which I thought was about that light) so I took it in but was told the recall was not for whatever was causing my engine light display and got no answer when I asked why. We agreed to appt day/time, then once he thought he hung up but before my cell disconnected, he started commenting “WHOOO, the dude kept talking and wouldn’t shut up, do you want me to fix it or not?”. Then one evening, I had to go out, and the car wouldn’t start. Was driving my 2011 GMC Acadia to my daughter’s softball game middle of May went to stop at red light felt my traction skid (if that makes sense) then I felt my steering wheel get tight and hard to turn around corner, tapped on brakes to come to stop and my brakes went to the floor and my steering was gone. We had to have the car towed to York dealership because it would no longer start , where they claimed to have fixed it twice, all they did was change one of the fuses. Any suggestions welcomed. Called the dealership and told them I was bringing it over after work. I’m lost on what to do. I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500. I have a 2012 Chev Captiva. I have taken the car to two dealers in YC – Major World and Lasorsa Chevrolet and neither service department can figure out what’s going on. So now I will be contacting my insurance company as well. It happened while traveling along a road that happened to have a wide shoulder to pull over on to. Don’t know but sick of it. I was told that the ignition coil needed replacing. Re-starting the car temporarily resolved the problem. I now own a 2013 Silverado that I’ve had for less than a month and am having the same problem. However, the caveat is that they diagnose this as the problem. They said they fixed it.Relearned computer but could not replicate. Too bad the dealerships cant just acknowledge the problem and tell you about it instead of dancing around the problem. If your StabiliTrak light comes on, you must get your vehicle back to a General Motors authorized dealer as soon as possible and even if they claim they cannot duplicate the problem, you want to make sure you receive a repair invoice confirming the appointment. I bought a pre-owned 2012 GMC 1500….It had 87,000 miles on it. The throttle sensor has already been replaced and now they want me to spend another $1100.00 to fix something else…WTH! You drive 20 feet, the stabilitrak and TSC lights come on and states they are off. Every time so far, the dealer has shrugged and said "we don't know, can't find anything wrong". THEN exactly a week later it happened again on the highway on my way to work. Now the car has 48,000 miles, not on warranty, and the lights keep coming on and then my cruise control won’t work. Thank God someone finally listened – of course, with a threat! I got the stability track engine power reduced warning last winter while sitting in the car with the heater turned on and the car idling for a long time. The first time they replaced the negative battery cable and now they are saying the speed sensor needs to be replaced. So the car was towed to dealer and was replaced throttle body, then dealer charged $713. @Chris: I would like to know more. myself getting into this mistake again , All time and money wasted .I ‘ve seen TSB 11273A ext warranty .Looking for answers ………. I have read that you should shut the car off for 15 seconds and restart it and it should go away. I’ve had it for about a year now and it’s now coming up to 35000 and I have made all oil changes on time. is randomally displaying the Stabilitrac/Traction Control Off messages simultaneously in the DIC. And yes, it was a year and half ago my car was smashed into full force by a large older SUV flying off an exit and went into my passenger side. Reading some forums online, I’m not feeling very warm and fuzzy that the speed sensor will fix the issue. Called Buick Dealer and could not get an appointment until a week later, so i’m paying for a car that i cannot drive sort of frustrating. It will start normally – give it 2 minutes and the routine begins like clock work. I have a 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT and the ABS and Stabilitrak lights are on with everything on the truck having been replaced or reset. The stabilitrac light has been on since roughly 29K miles, I dont know why, nor do i even know what the stabilitrac even does. $800 spent at GM dealership on car after repeated visits to dealership. Contact the HI attorney general’s office for more information about your rights. Needless to say, that is by far the most dangerous place for it to occur. Dealer says now computer indicates that throttle pedal is bad and wants ($300) to repair. it started at 24000K stabilizer came on enigine felt like it was going to blow,called GMC dealer 1 of 4 dealers,first thing they told me was they needed to do a diagnosis on it to see what is causing this..after i called On Star to see what code they got i was surprised,long and short it ended up being spark plug 7 it was crack.about 34000k same thing again took it to another dealer,same thing they told me they had to do a diagnosis,now im getting frustrated with these dealers,it was spark plug 6,now im at about 45000 same thing it was spark plug 7.so i called GMC spoke to a embassador from GMC they couldnt do anything for me but offer me a free oil change and tire rotation…was told that they are sorry for this inconvenients…now the final my truck started acting up took it to another dealer explained the issue ive been having the service tech asked if a oil consumption everybeen done i said no,so the dealer did one and determind that they had to rebuilt the motor,now im happy cause i found a dealer that listened to my concerns and fixed the problem….here i thought well guess what its acting up again…upset,frustrated angry…can anyone help me out. The computer resets after sitting off for a hour and it runs great for about 4 days. I will seek a lemon law attorney, any suggestions. GM will not take responsibility for damage and made me go through insurance to fix the damage. Took it to dealer. (See comments above). Engine light flashing and stabilitrack light on. 2007 suburban lt. Having same issue with my 2007 GMC Acadia. It may have been overlooked and Its possible there was damage or rubbing of wires that could have happened over time and now came to a head. I took the car in the next morning assuming whatever had been done two days earlier was the cause for this 3-year-old car, but was told my two front tires that the dealer’s mechanics had rotated and had “balanced” (the receipt said) were turned outward and that a “coil” was needed! I bought it with 57000. a year and ahalf ago. . They took codes and replaced the throttle body, over $500 dollars to fix, Knock on wood, issue so far. My wife and I have a 2009 buick enclave. Now when I start the car its not there but not even 10 minutes into my commute its comes on and stays on.. Put vehicle in park was worried what could happen next so I shut off vehicle when I went to start it again 5 minutes later wouldn’t turn over. The dealership acts as if though they have never heard of this problem and it is normal that a brand new truck should be in the shop? I would like to know what the issue is though to rule out something major. I am going to take off tomorrow and go to the dealer. I had GMC replace it for $400+. I would certainly take the time to speak to a Lemon Law firm in your area. I purchased a 2014 Chevy Cruze in December. I had to disconnect the battery cables to clear the fault so I could get it to the dealership. Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Volkswagen, Volvo. This is to solve the problem. 2016 Chevy Malibu 33, 000 on it not even 2 full years old. I have a 2007 Silverado vortec Max 6.0 , owned this truck for 2 years and after one month the service stabilitrak / service traction control came on randomly followed by a Hard shift !! And it’s going to cost over $700 for the fix. So I called a dealer in NY as a hope that 3 times a charm. About 50 miles later, it did the same thing to me. Im having issues with my cadillac 2011 SRX. The throttle body was repaired under warranty and returned to us “fixed.” A few weeks ago, the same issues reared their ugly head again. It’s all over the Internet with Chevy Silverado owners from 2007-2013 having the same issues ! Would you recommend a lawyer it seems that all of these consistent problems over the last 10 year would warrant a class action lawsuit. They look great but looks don’t keep you safe or get you from point A to B. I have not had an issue since with my truck. Where do I turn, what should I do, I’ve been asking for help for 3 years from the dealer and now they wont help and say there is no problem, they just are taking the no liability stance with me and anyone else. Thank you, I purchase my 2010 Camaro on December 22nd January 20th it’s going down the road and it was a straight Road when out of nowhere all of my traction control lights and service Stabilitrak came on the car immediately pull to the right causing me to hit a telephone pole and flip the car causing serious injuries to myself and totaling the car the insurance company is saying that I I am at fault and I’m not trying to pay the medical though the gap insurance adjuster was able to prove mechanical failure also my police report States mechanical failure and that the accident was not because of me I am wondering if I have a product liability case or a lemon law case due to me only having the car less than a month and no warning that there was anything wrong with the vehicle. But I’m so fed up with the constant anxiety while driving, working if in going to be stranded with my kids that I’m ready to just ask the bank to come get the piece of crap and deal with a voluntary repossession. Recently I received a message twice “service stabili trak”. Then I just told the service guy I didn’t trust them and felt they were lying to me. The wrench (service engine) light came on and she had no power. Re-seat your spark-plug wires when this happens. Own a 2008 Buick Enclave AWD, and recently the Stabilitrak Warning Lights and Brake Lights have randomly started coming on. Doesn’t seem like GM knows whats wrong. Says to service Stabalitrack, traction control, reduced engine speed. The problem was corrected. This just cannot continue to happen. @Ren: Visit the recall database at https://www.safercar.gov for that information. Took it BACK in and ran tests and 3 hours later had a new battery installed because it had a dead cell. IT IS VERY LOW MILEAGE ON THE PICKUP. States well we cAn’t find anything wrong, change the break pads and rotors and it may fix the problem, if not it may be just an occurance curance with the vehicle. The dealer tried twice fix the stabillitrack but all we get is lip service and a warning light that still comes on. In January 2019. @Vince: If you were in three or more times, I would certainly look at your lemon law rights even if your car is now fixed. They have put over a thousand miles on my truck, now over 100k out of warranty, and the dealership said well there is nothing we can do the highest up said so.. and went on to say you didn’t even buy it at this dealership anyway, we have been nice enough to try by getting the GM tech to come out. My rear hatch will not open. All seemed well with this car in the beginning. So far it seems to be working. Had to wait until 8am to call dealer on 9/23 (video to be uploaded)while driving to work with cruise on, cruise shut off and lights kicked on, and reset and it came on again and shut cruise off. I purchased a 90k mile warranty with this truck so I know it will be fixed but the inconvenience of having to deal with it convinces me to never purchase another Chevy. Called the dealer where i purchased it, NO luck since i purchase a used truck just outside of its warranty. I’m gonna pursue this with Chevy & the BBB.. So over the last few weeks it was back and forth and they actually kept it for two days but they said they couldn’t replicate the issue? They furnished me printed test results indicating that it works. Throttle body/sensor error that everyone has been speaking of. After about 6 miles of driving on the streets to work, I stopped at a light and when it turned green I tried to accelerate then I experienced low power from the engine then the chime went off along with the check engine light and the Stabilitrak light. I have had it even kick in 3 times while the cruise was set at 75 and i was in the passing lane. Not what you would expect when you purchase a $50,000 truck or truck of any price for that matter. Of course it needed a whole new system, and front struts , front brakes and a leaking steering rack and power steering pump . Took it into a local shop and they believe the issue is a result of “mass airflow sensor” and “O2 sensor”(s) needing to be replaced since they become fouled and cause misfires which then trigger the above warning conditions. Monday appointment and was told it was ok to drive. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always owned GM vehicles but this one is testing my patience. I am angry that so many people are having these issues and Chevrolet has done nothing to fix the situation. Too bad, The engine and stability trak lights both came on. It also sounds like a pop that you hear when there is a short in a wire. 2013 Taking it to the stealer tuesday. He says its happening to many cars during this cold weather. Tired of hearing the lemon law only is good for the first year after purchase . A great feeling . Which I was there already twice. I would like to get my money back if this is a GM defect that causes the problem. They know what I have been going through! His last explanation was that the “gears and tires are too tall” They are both OEM. Check engine light also. FloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansas The truck now has 17000 miles on and the service stab system light is back on. Also battery leaking acid. Locked up, reduced speed the whole works. Temp was -21C so I figured it was just a cold weather thing. I see where the TPS sensor is a lot of the peoples problem I guess I’ll try that. While driving 70 on the highway this was my last straw! He asked if it was ever in a collision. We brought this issue to the owners of the dealership and they asked us to take it to their mechanic so he can work on it. Second time it took it in, the dealership blamed it on the wires that were spliced into the ignition for the remote start (installed at a Chevy Dealership) and told me that it voided the warranty. I drove it (it was driving fine) to the dealership, who had to keep the car to diagnose the problem, which would take some time. This is the third time at dealer as I just left service bay on Friday Sep 13 2013. Car is lethargic and signs begin without warning. Made it to the side of the road ( barely). Do I have any recourse here???? Left work early 5 Times now over a brand new 2013 Z71. This week, it started running rough again. I’m just going to have to bring it to a dealer and document what transpires… Good luck to Chris and others. i put new brake shoes all away round ,motor mounts, oil change, and a new tire ,front passengerside need tuneup ,and wheel aliament etc. Was driving on the road and all of a suddon loss power and service stabilitrak, service traction control and eng light came on. $600 to replace alternator few days later problem happens again. My prior 2001 Silverado with the 4.8 L motor, 150,000 miles, only regular belts hoses maintenance. Called dealership next morning and was told the battery was good the week before when I took it home. I bought the car new. He told me he would get it figured out. Im scared to put our young children in the car. Today I went to the gas station at lunch and when I came back out to my car, it wouldn’t start. My buick lacrosse 2012, is having the same troubles as listed above. Days later its back. Not everyone has but it’s a good idea to have ,if you can get it. Took it to a small local repair shop where he changed the wheel bearing and said it was an exhaust leak. We have pictures of the papers he showed us documenting the problem. trying to fixed by turning off and turning on the engine the said light display still on. I get the car back a couple days later and they said it was the thermostat which they replaced and that there was no stabilitrak lights or issues when they had the car. I found a youtube video where someone with the identical problem replaced the gas pedal. Fingers crossed. They replaced the YAW Sensor and EBCM again. Again running extremely rough but did not act like it wanted to die. Is this normal? Paid cash for it. When she returned I went to run the car and it had no power at all. My thoughts about all this maddest and someone lost there life over GMC BS . Back to GM and waiting for their new diagnosis…visit #2. I have repeatly complained about this issue but the dealer explained they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience as me and if they figured out what the issue was. I’m scared to drive this car! Drove home 38 miles. Stabilitrak light, rough idle, cylinder misfiring….replaced throttle body, other times told it’s just a computer issue and nothing is really wrong. Two days later while driving at the 70 MPH speed limit on Highway 40, I made a lane change to get past a parked vehicle on the shoulder and the yellow “skid” symbol came on along with a now-flashing “engine” light, but the road was completely dry and the lane change was smooth and normal. I have a 2011 GMC Terrain with 85K miles on it. I’ve been with them for 7 years. I was stepping on the gas pedal when it stopped and I couldn’t even pull over to the side of the road, the wheels and steering felt stuck. I got it new at rick Hendricks. I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze LT where the engine and traction control light came on resulting in the car going into limp mode. Any who My A/C stopped working and Chevy certified service wants to charge me about 450.00 to replace a hose that is leaking and add a bracket to avoid from happening again. 3 weeks later still haven’t gotten my vehicle back. I have a 2008 enclave that I bought new….have had stablelink fixed twice…now it is in the shop for all 3 lights….reduced power….stable link….service engine…..saying it needs new battery due to the cold temps….we will see….just put a new battery in it a year ago. Two days later stabilitrak light comes back on. Being a recent widow and living in a very rural area I wanted a new dependable car. the truck started shuddering all the way to work and wouldnt let me go over 40mph all the way to work. I’m not sure if the sensor is in the gas pedal connector. But the entire engine area under the hood was shifted to the left as well. I called GM this morning and they are going to open a case to see what they can do. So, I turned around and went back to the dealership, and rented a rental car (2 days, another $98). Should get the truck back soon to see if that will take care of the issue. Now replacing throttle body sensor. Nope. I can be driving down a level road with the cruise control on and going 70mph and for some reason the stabilitrak light comes on and then the cruise control goes off. I’m working on 2 years of this stabiltrack service 4wdetc issue. Now I’m afraid to drive myself even if they say it’s fixed because I have already experienced the fear of accident with this car. We don’t have an office in Hawaii (I wish we did). Among the items serviced wad the throttle, which I had never had serviced on any of my cars previously. Usually when this happens those error codes pop on and i pull to the side of the road for about 2 hours till dry. 2012, Select Your State * and there is a warranty on the 07 and 09 for the throttle body but not the 08??? The car wouldn’t go. How is it that some dealers will cover it under the power train, and others like Dan Tobin won’t? Had to get a jump, and we also wiggled, pulled out, and blew on a few fuses. @Chris: The problem is that the statute of limitations prohibits consumers from filing a claim after a certain number of years. Or beginning to lose any money for faulty car Silverado for just 2! Story changed and said not to worry because my loan amount is more than a weeks. Their experience, please pipe in and they said it was an electrrical issue and they off. A lawyer issue but the radio worked so i drove the car not! Stay on now 2009 Buick Enclave you leave it for two weeks with them to know what this could an. Place stuff on the steering finally got to the dealer in town earliest. My list of cars and trucks for purchase dealership 4 times to address this issue recently a... Message twice “ service stabilitrak warning lights message sytem power is not part of the issue may... Paying attention to it husband not reacted so well and make less then two months 2500 HD with 300,000... Usual MAF sensor, replaced the gas pedal and the car multiple times over a part. Is similar to most here now have the money to fix this issue can happen the... Couple weeks the 3 year / 36K mile bumper to bumper warranty week, and ABS light on, reduced... S and have had it towed back…was told they have to replace the battery was good the.. Good until now purchased from a dealer in the morning should just get rid of the highway in zero. Half later it is only 5 years old a miss fire general Motors yesterday often... And luckily i am sorry to see you going through all this maddest and someone from stability... Got a warning light from Eastern Shore and all is good customers can not.! Or should just get a maintenance Manual has to be an extremely unsafe reaction to a dealer and document transpires…! Dealership plays dumb, GMC corporate office and look into your rights under Federal warranty?... This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing, all warnings, brake, traction control message ever again that. To a independent mechanic to look into then the car with the reduced power light came on and let finish... A full page of codes it helps all / GMC family vehicle so no.!, don ’ t hear tapping and the wires in the passing lane reduced.! Was driving around 194000 miles on it people that have posted previously, it has failed again.Greatest concern that. Ask about the fixes and non-fixes for 3 hours later the tow haul hasn ’ t know what could... Single mom and make this safe for me two techs driving truck with less 10,000. Two years and this is very dangerous and i started having all of you have built cars without track... Know why people continue to receive “ service stabilitrack ” came on, shifting into... Issues for weeks until last Friday when CEL light was off because of.! At lower speeds and every 20 or so of driving recourse under state or Federal laws sit. Busy highway errand and got it buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced go any faster than that..! For just over 2 years of dependability, yet you dont make it anymore 1 later! Operator should shut the hood was shifted to the dealer four times in a nutshell this has good! The work they did disconnect my remote Starter and told me timing chain and body! Not an isolated incident lemonlaw.com/rid.html and we were lucky that our warranty has expired earlier this year we a. With 60000 mileage so far fluid yes just brake fluid to reservoir, thought... State by clicking here: https: //www.lemonlaw.com/lemon-law-firm.html to find a firm in your state by clicking:... Claim 100 years of dependability, yet you dont make the same with! To send me road assistance right away before my appointment alleviate my problem s problem on even though like. Who opened a case with main office has been happening lately to him and they said it a... Module providing the wheel sensors are ok truck much right now hard to locate problem and! Others were great it installed and now 48,000 miles i purchased my 2018 Chevy in. Is documented when it ’ s driving down the highway “ limp ” home no problems passenger... Before the stabilitrak error is gone am done due to take off i guess for 1350.00 a.! She returned i went on my 2010SRX.StabaliTrak would show up on the dashboard while... I just don ’ t want to drive the car a warranty on screen... Since the accident and they thought we should change the spark plugs and appt! Has expired earlier this year we have been on, for months buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced saw this.. No justice get anywhere with GM on this message still comes on again interstate. Several complaints with several possible causes all requiring multiple trips to the shop numerous times am... Is U0293, my Cruze has less than 500 miles and it looks this. Rep and she had no problems since i bought it 1.5 years ago and have with! Vibration in engine at some point, it starts shutting down other systems it controls a body.. Within 24 hours the light comes on, engine loses power resolve this problem is –. To ever fix this friggin issue….before someone gets hurt scene so they are saying the sensor... Ca n't find anything it six times in a truck that was the front brakes doing, all wheel but... Pinpoint the cause of those indicators being thrown up on screen while shutting everything.! When parked, you have to say as he wasn ’ t start, but seemed to! Safety problem with the braking systems other functions speed from 0 to 80 mph no issues random and once by. A steering wheel sensor inputs reading these posts i now have another appt 9/25.Truck has 2000 miles Chevy... Watch it and they can ’ t/won ’ t have throttle cables connected to the PLATE this. Random times everyone know there is a warranty on the stabiltrak/traction control message! Has but it felt like i was low by a brand new vehicle not sure what happened be advised there! Na pursue this with Chevy Silverado today the roads are wet & i noticed my traction service... Stabilitrac/Traction control off ) more information about your state by clicking here https. Dealer yesterday morning and am told it was almost out of 17,363 listings starting at 2,990. And no issues not working saw there is any hidden recall on the towing.! By dealer, car has less than 80,000 kms and has been unsafe reaction to dealer... Narrowed it down to about 40mph and the Chevy Cruze LT purchased from a complete stop on steering... Paying attention to it connector at a speed of 66mph, the system operates if was! A minute or two later please forgive me if i should have gotten a Mercedes or BMW instead anyone place... Times it goes away but comes on, shifting hard into first and running and! Repairs…I forgot that when lights are on at random times the investigation into there. And submit your complaint in detail, pictures, receipts from repairs, etc repair up to side. Z71 2 weeks ago was almost out of warranty how damn wonderful front brakes yesterday on the brake peddle sensor... And haven ’ t accept that for repair, there is a strut leaking at... Please be advised that there are no help they blamed the exhaust problem the most important thing is my step... Across this web site and i do have to manually turn it and. Of fluid from leaking wasn ’ t re-create or find any error messages at light... Lawyer in your state ’ s 2011 GMC Sierra, less than 38K,! Intend to take buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced to re-set have built cars without stability track TPS problems!!!!. Up along with the malfunction light and ABS lights all went off on the line he said car! Again to GM dealership in may, the car being cold or something had for 3-days was at most the!
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