Some are located right on the ocean, while others lie along the bay. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve listed some of the top beaches in San Mateo County, along with some of the best restaurants to grab a bite to eat either before or after going to the beach. San Mateo County beaches accounted for six of the top 10 most polluted beaches of the state, according to a list released Tuesday by the environmental advocacy group Heal the Bay. The Native American Ohlone people lived along the San Mateo County coast for many thousands of years, in small and scattered villages because of the limited availability of food. There is a Worldwide PANDEMIC, No … Half Moon Bay State Beach is a single park made up of four unique beaches: Venice Beach, Dunes Beach, Francis Beach, and Roosevelt Beach. Cops order 900 off San Mateo County beaches 5-mile rule violators flock to Pacifica's Linda Mar Beach; mayor threatens closures. Nothing beats the sand and surf in this perfect coastal town. If you’re looking for good picnic food, make sure to stop by Arcangeli’s Grocery Company/Norm’s Market to try their infamous and delicious artichoke bread! Start planning your trip. Follow County of San Mateo on Twitter & Facebook for the latest updates. Map showing all the significant beaches with links to each. Beaches in San Mateo County accounted for six of the top 10 most polluted beaches of the state, according to a list released Tuesday by the environmental advocacy group Heal the Bay. They must be on a leash. Home of the historic Point Montara Lighthouse, this lighthouse was established in 1875 and moved to this location in 1928, this town has a rich history and some hidden gems you can’t miss. Bay Area residents are urged to avoid going to the San Mateo County coast this weekend so firefighters can get to the fires raging nearby and residents can flee, Half Moon Bay officials said Friday. San Mateo County California Beaches. A battle is brewing on the San Mateo County coast over whether cities should close their beaches indefinitely because of the pandemic. View our digital visitors guide today! Several state parks are found along this shore including Montara SB, Gray Whale Cove SB, Pacifica SB, and Thornton State Beach. You won’t […], So where are the best beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area? Bean Hollow State Beach, Pescadero, San Mateo County Located 17.5 miles south of Half Moon Bay and 3 miles south of Pescadero on Highway One. Also located in Pescadero, Bean Hollow State Beach is another great beach for picnicking or fishing. No food is available at any of the beaches, but there are plenty of places to eat in the town of Half Moon Bay. ... San Diego County Parks. Additionally, Linda Mar is pet-friendly, meaning, your furry friend is most definitely invited to run and play in the sand. The most popular beach here is, Pescadero State Beach, a perfect place to watch tide pools, have a picnic and sunbathe. San Francisco has something for everyone, including incredibly beautiful beaches. With nearly 60 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, San Mateo County offers an entire series of public beaches. Half Moon Bay is home to one of the largest beach areas in the San Francisco Bay Area. Streams draining the western county include Frenchmans Creek, Pilarcitos Creek, Naples Creek, Arroyo de en Medio, and Denniston Creek. © 2021 San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. The California Coast displays more of these natural pieces of art than any other state. San Mateo Coast State Beaches The mission of California State Parks is to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping ... forests of San Mateo County were extensively logged. Access to the world's best surf forecast team at Surfline. San Mateo County beaches, from Pacifica to Ano Nuevo. Here you can enjoy a stroll on the scenic coastal trail while exploring quaint shops featuring the work of local artisans. We polled more than 6,700 of our readers to find out which San Mateo County nude beach they like best: 62 percent voted for Grey Whale Cove, 28 percent for San Gregorio Beach, and 10 percent other. Know Before You Go. FRIDAY-SUNDAY CLOSED Tell all your family and friends. Resort hotels lourished, and on the coastside, tourists reported that both salmon ishing and upland game hunting 100 Esplanade Ave., (Stairs near this apartment complex lead to the beach. Register with SMC Alert to receive urgent or emergency alerts: The crashing surf is meant to be enjoyed and that’s why […], Enjoy your Burrito Supreme while watching the waves crash onto the sand of Linda Mar Beach, also known as Pacifica State Beach. Monarch Bay Beach in Dana Point is […], Tide Pools are one of the biggest draws at California beaches and the Bay Area has it’s fair share of them. COVID Testing Info: Find A … Mapping the San Mateo County Nude Beaches . About Us | Contact We wanted to share pictures and stories about […], Rock arches are some of the most spectacular of Mother Nature’s hand-crafted artwork. […], Over years of traveling the California Coast to visit beaches, we have discovered so many amazing places and also some strange things. Rockaway Beach is another popular location, offering its visitors numerable dining, hotel, recreation, and shopping options. One of their most popular and historical landmarks is Pigeon Point Lighthouse. In fact, two of the best tide pools in […], Camping at the beach is in high demand in the San Francisco Bay Area and all of Northern California during the summer months. Office Walk-in Hours Linda Mar Beach. During the second half of the 1800’s and in the early 1900’s […], California has quite a few private beaches. With nearly 60 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, San Mateo County offers an entire series of public beaches. Within the boundaries of this state park […], Fishing has always been a big coastal activity in California, long before surfing became popular in the 1960’s. As our region continues to move forward in the reopening process, the safety and security of our residents and visitors remain our top priority. PSA…San Mateo County Beaches CLOSED. The southern part of San Mateo County is sparse with only two small towns along the coast, Pescadero and San Gregorio. Montara is located about eight miles north of Half Moon Bay and has some of San Mateo County’s most breathtaking scenic views. Half Moon Bay marks the mid-point of the San Mateo County coast and it has many fine beaches to offer. Mike Moffitt, SFGATE. San Mateo County authorities told over 900 people to leave beaches over the weekend after learning they were from outside the area, a violation of the county's coronavirus shelter-in-place order. Starting out in northern coastal San Mateo County, you’ll find the most well-loved and well-used beach in Pacifica. There are also a few beaches on the San Francisco Bayside that can be explored during your visit. The famous Mavericks big-wave surfing competition is held at Pillar Point on the Bay each winter. San Mateo Co dog beaches . The County of San Mateo has added a translation feature developed by Google Translate to assist web visitors in understanding information on this website in a variety of foreign languages. The hostel rooms are in four separate houses and have full kitchens […], Situated right along the San Mateo Coast, the Pescadero Creek Inn supplies relaxing and comfortable accommodations, surrounded by towering redwoods and remote white sand beaches, tucked away within the walls […], Best Western Plus Lighthouse Hotel offers one of the closest locations to the ocean waves in all of California. Montara Beach has access points that have parking lots, others include beautiful walking trails. San Mateo County beaches are among most polluted in California, report says Six of 10 beaches on the annual ‘Beach Bummer’ list are in San Mateo County Share this: San Mateo County ˌsæn məˈteɪ.oʊ SAN mə - TAY - oh officially the County of San Mateo is a county located in the U.S. state of California As of the Half Moon Bay State Beach is a 4 - mile 6 km stretch of protected beaches in the state park system of California United States, on Half Moon Bay. Enjoy the beach with your dog! This includes 20 of 23 parks, regional trails, playgrounds and single household use picnic tables. Each has unique characteristics that attract visitors in all seasons. Pescadero, literally meaning “fishing place” in Spanish, is a small yet wonderful community known for its vast beaches and rich farmland. These strea… Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, Join our email list to get new information, events or other fun stuff. About San Mateo County San Mateo County takes up most of the San Francisco Peninsula south of San Francisco. Some parts of the beach even have volleyball poles, but bring your own net! Learn More. It is the third-smallest county in California by land area. San Mateo County • Beaches open Santa Cruz County • City of Santa Cruz o UCSC Coastal Science campus closed to vehicles. Be the first to know about events and special offers. We’ve […], Half Moon Bay State Beach is one long sandy continuous beach below bluffs and dunes in the town of Half Moon Bay, California. Rating the San Mateo County Nude Beaches . However, there is plenty more to explore. Open. In keeping with the Bay Area Regional Stay at Home Order issued Dec. 16, most San Mateo County Park services that have been open will remain open. Dogs love the beach, and California has plenty of dog-friendly beaches, from endless stretches of white sand to small hidden coves. Monterey County • Beaches open San Luis Obispo County • PG&E Diablo Canyon o Point Buchon and Pecho Coast trails remain closed Santa Barbara County • Beaches open The closures begin at SUNRISE TOMORROW July 3. In addition to the state beaches in this coastal town, one of the most popular is Poplar Beach, a perfect place that’s not only dog-friendly but horseback rider-friendly as well! Just outside San Francisco, with dramatic bluffs, stunning scenery and comfortable temperatures, An upscale planned community on the bay between San Jose and San Francisco, Rich in history, and known for its challenging surf, Heavy fog and a strong surf mark this small California town, Foggy beach community with mild temperatures and clean air, Learn to surf, or ride with the pros, in this picturesque California destination, Rocky cliffs, sandy coves and fantastic fishing marks this popular tourist town, Explore Oceanside caves, or stroll the cool and serene sandy beaches, Family-friendly city in the cusp of Silicon Valley, More industrial than tourist, a working-class town on the verge of development, California State Beaches can be found up and down the coast. The native way of life rapidly changed during the late 18th century when the first Europeans arrived. There are several more beaches that offer plenty of opportunities to swim, surf, hike, bike, kayak, paddleboard, tide pool and just sit back and relax, Half Moon Bay truly has it all. This section of the highway was eventually replaced with a double tunnel […], High above Gray Whale Cove State Beach there is a strange looking structure that has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline in both directions. Overall, this town is the perfect destination for excitement and fun, as well as calmness and tranquility. In anticipation of a new San Mateo County health order expected to be issued Friday, Pacifica Chief of Police Daniel Steidle announced the city … Get the best San Mateo County travel and weather info along with live HD San Mateo County cams. By Michael G. Stogner. Along this southern shoreline there are many beaches in state parks including Ano Nuevo State Reserve, Bean Hollow SB, Pescadero SB, Pomponio SB, and San Gregorio State Beach. County of San Mateo District Attorney's Price Gouging Hotline: Dial (650) 363-4403. A number of bayside watercourses drain the eastern part of the county including San Bruno Creek and Colma Creek. Montara State Beach, reaching a length of 0.8 miles, is right off the famous Highway 1, making it an easy stop to just relax and enjoy the waves. Speakeasies […], Bair Island has been part of Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge since 1999, but it wasn’t until 2013 that hikers could cross a pedestrian bridge to access the inner part […], The Devils Slide Trail uses the old Highway 1 road along the stretch known as the Devil’s Slide. Every year Heal the Bay takes this data and presents California’s ten poorest scoring beaches, which is where San Mateo County comes in. Sites are sampled every Monday morning by a combination of County staff and volunteers, primarily associated with the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Spread along a six-mile coastal region, Pacifica is most well-known for its surfing amenities. Learn more » ... San Mateo County. Built-in 1871, it is the tallest standing lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States. Since these beachside camp spots are so […], Perched upon an ocean bluff, The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay presents some of the best sunsets in Northern California. This vantage point was […], Copyright The parking lot at Poplar Beach takes you right to the cliff’s edge, allowing you to watch the waves and beautiful sunset from afar, or you can walk down the short trail to the seafront. No beach fires are allowed on any of the beaches (for the sake of the plovers) Dogs are allowed in the campground and day-use picnic area only, but not on the beaches. San Mateo County Parks Department Office 455 County Center, 4th Floor Redwood City, CA 94063-1646. April 21, … SAN MATEO COUNTY DOG BEACHES . Main Line (650) 363-4020 - 7:30am - 5pm Reservations (650) 363-4021 - 7:30am - 5pm Fax (650) 599-1721. San Mateo County’s new order allows stores and churches let people inside and beaches to operate again — provided they observe social distancing and face covering guidelines. The list at the bottom of this page will help point you in the right direction, but “best” […], Sometimes it’s hard to find a beach where you can legally take your dog for a walk, or better yet, set them free to roam around with other dogs. This may be the nicest Taco Bell in […], The Moss Beach Distillery is a California Historical Point of Interest that was once a popular spot on the San Mateo County coast for rum running, bootlegging and speakeasies. ), Pacifica, California 94044 Phone: (650) 738-7381 In this northern part of San Mateo County there are beaches of nearly all varieties from wide sandy beaches to narrow rocky shores and pocket coves. All Beaches in San Mateo County. Just south of San Francisco beaches, these refuges feel slightly remote, even though the entire Bay Area with its several million residents are within driving distance of these Pacific treasures. San Mateo County Beaches are like a dream. Learn more about the latest COVID-19 travel updates in San Mateo County and Palo Alto. Between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco are the cities of Moss Beach, Montara, Pacifica, and Daly City. 10 Strange Things Found on California Beaches, Private Beaches in California Anyone Can Go To. San Mateo Coast Beaches A string of five small beaches dot the Pacific coast of San Mateo County, beginning with San Gregorio in the north and spreading southward to Beach Hollow. There are a few parks here with beaches on San Francisco Bay, but San Mateo County is known for its great beaches along the Pacific Coast. This luxury golf resort boasts two championship courses, a half-dozen lighted […], This hostel sits on a cliff below the 115-foot tall Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the Central California Coast. All of them are immediately in front of private property, many of which are gated communities. Many beaches and parking lots along the California coast are temporarily closed to contain the spread of COVID-19. Beaches … Linda Mar State Beach is one of the most popular beaches in town, including a recreation trail, surf camps and lessons for beginners, and even restrooms with showers. During your visit to coastal San Mateo County, you will have plenty of hotel options for you and your family – from luxury resorts, quaint inns, full-service hotels, and bed & breakfasts all await your stay. San Mateo County routinely tests 43 sites each week, including ocean beaches, creek mouths (where the creek meets or crosses the beach), and Bay/lagoon beaches. The closing of the beaches and request for people to stay away from the San Mateo County coast comes as an estimated 5,000 people in the south coast area are being evacuated because of … San Mateo County takes up most of the San Francisco Peninsula south of San Francisco. Starting in Pacifica, these beaches lead the chain that stretches south to Montara, continuing along the entire coastside to Half Moon Bay, and ending in Pescadero, and all come with unparalleled views. By Michael G. Stogner Half Moon Bay City Council voted 5-0 last night to keep the Beaches in Half Moon Bay Open while Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and the City of Pacifica have decided to Close Beaches and Parking Lots. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 741 square miles (1,920 km ), of which 448 square miles (1,160 km ) is land and 293 square miles (760 km ) (40%) is water. Pedestrian and bike access still open. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. Dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed on the beach. There are a few parks here with beaches on San Francisco Bay, but San Mateo County is known for its great beaches along the Pacific Coast. The facilities will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, July 6, officials said.San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputies will be stationed at the closed beaches and coastal trail to enforce the order as well as to monitor fireworks … Esplanade Beach, Pacifica, San Mateo County They have some of the best beachfront property in the Golden State and thankfully it is protected from developers.

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